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"If You Are Looking For Great Classic Literature
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Finding good quality literature to use in your high school homeschooling
program can be challenging... let us help you get a great start with this
quality set of proven classics.
From: Jim and Sheila Carroll
RE: Starter List of 16 Classic Texts for your High School Homeshcool
Dear High School Homeschooling Parents:
We won't bore you with a long letter here telling you about all of the great reasons to use classic literature in your high school homeschooling curriculum. It's likely you already recognize how important quality literature is - that is why you are here!
And, while it's true that you should look for contemporary literature to teach your children to love, value, appreciate and identify with great quality writing and develop a strong desire to include literature in their lives, not just now, but for their entire lifetime... we've found that including the classics can also add huge benefits and value to your child's education.
That is why we've created this first volume of great classic literature for you to use in your homeschooling curriculum, regardless of your approach to homeschooling junior high and high school. We know that these great texts are valuable compliments to your child's education and progress.
These classics can be used with or as stand alone subjects, as recommended by Charlotte Mason, such as:
        • Narration
        • Recitation
        • Copy Work
        • Dictation
        • and Nature Study
These wonderful books also offer a literary approach to learning and using them can offer so much more to your child than using a "dumbed-down" workbook or textbook.
Here is a list of the books this digital download of our Living Books CD, Volume 1 delivers:
BOOKLIST - Living Books for the High School and Junior High Student CD - Volume 1

Book 1:  A History of English Literature by William Allan Neilson (English-British Literature)
Book 2:  A Book of Discovery by M.B. Synge (Geography)
Book 3:  The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock (Nature Study)
Book 4:  Plutarch's Lives edited by A.H. Clough (Civics)
Book 5:  The Boys' and Girls' Plutarch by John S. White (Civics - Grade7-8)
Book 6:  Elementary Composition by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (English)
Book 7:  Ten Great Events in History by James Johonnot (World History)
Book 8:  The Story Book of Science by Jean Henri Fabre (Science - Grades 7-8)
Book 9:  Hamlet - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 10:  Macbeth - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 11:  Antony and Cleopatra - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 12:  Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 13:  As You Like It - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 14:  All's Well that Ends Well - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 15:  A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
Book 16:  The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare (English-British Literature)
How's that for a GREAT list of Living Books Classics!
Also, because the Charter Member's of Homeschooling Your Teen The Charlotte Mason Way were so patient with Jim and I when we first launched this great curriculum (If you are not a member yet or if you are interested in homeschooling your teen the Charlotte Mason Way - go to now and check it out!), we have actually added an additional 5 books to this incredible collection for you!

Book 17:  Beowulf for Children by H.E. Marshall (English Literature - Grades 7-8)
Book 18:  Recitations for Assembly and Classroom compiled by Anna T. Lee O'Neill (Speech)
Book 19:  History of England by Arabella Buckley (World History)
Book 20:  Shakespearean Studies - Tragedies
Book 21:  Shakespearean Studies - Comedies
If you were to try and collect all of these classic works today, you could easily spend over $300 - plus the shipping and handling costs if you ordered them online!
However, because Jim and I have taken the time to create digital versions of these incredible books for you and have patiently uploaded them to this site, you can get these great books immediately and can download them to your own computer as .pdf documents... no shipping and handling needed!
Also, because Jim and I have made these classics available to you digitally - we have less overhead and we don't need to inventory them or even print out the CD's if you purchase this set of books from our website here today.
So, that means you don't have to pay $300.00 to get this wonderful collection!
In fact, you don't have to spend near $300.oo for this set of great classic's - you don't even need to invest $200.00 or even $100.00...
How much can we make this invaluable set of classic literature available to you for today then? How about only $67.00 $36.00 if you purchase this downloadable series online from us today?!
We thought you'd like that... and we know that you will be very happy with this great series.
Your next step is to simply select the Add to Cart button below and order your copy today. Within just minutes, you will be able to download all 21 of these great books and immediately start using them in your homeschool.
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We offer this digital CD because we know how valuable these books can be to you. We believe this so strongly that we're offering you an 8 week, money-back guarantee. We're comfortable with that. Jim and I stand behind our materials completely and know you'll be absolutely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, your results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available any time for the next 8 weeks by simply emailing us if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Get your copy of this valuable literature to use in your high school homeschooling curriculum today for only $67.00 $36.00.
You will love this digital CD and you can immediately begin downloading your books once you purchase your copy today.
Warmest Regards,
Jim Carroll
Sheila Carroll
Jim and Sheila Carroll
P.S. This series is a wonderful collection of classic literature... but more importantly, it's a solid foundation for you to build from.

We take all of the risk and give you this great series of 21 classics for a fraction of the investment it would cost if you were to try and find these great books in print. Our 8 week guarantee also gives you peace of mind so that you can see for yourself how much we give you for such a low investment.
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